"CGPA Tinggi Belum Tentu Boleh Kerja Dalam Company Saya"

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"CGPA Tinggi Belum Tentu Boleh Kerja Dalam Company Saya"

Gambar Hiasan

Kisah ini dikongsikan oleh Tuan Dr. Md Azree yang mendapat perhatian ramai netizen terutama yang baru sahaja selesai graduasi dan sedang mencari kerja.

Baca pengalaman interview beliau terhadap 4 calon dari Universiti yang berasingan. Cukup mengujakan!!!

Interview: High CGPA (Best University) vs Low CGPA (Low University)
Yesterday I've interviewed 4 candidates for two posts of Assistant Quantity Serveyor in my company. All were fresh graduates without any working experience. These were he candidates summary:
Candidate 1: Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) - CGPA 2.72
Candidate 2: Universiti Malaya - CGPA 3.55
Candidate 3: Inti International University & College - CGPA 2.97
Candidate 4: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - CGPA 3.41
Candidate 2 and Candidate 4 came from the best university (UM) and third best university (UTM) in Malaysia. Came with outstanding CGPA of 3.55 and 3.41. They brought in all the 'Sijil Dekan' and 'Sijil Kecemerlangan'. I asked 10 questions to each candidate but they could only answer 3 out of 10 questions. They have no self confidence and the first impression was really bad. They not showing enthusiasm and interest on the job. They faild to elucidate how their skills match the job. What surprised me, they were inattentive, looking around and fidgeting. And one of the candidate arrive LATE (overslept)!
Candidate 1 and Candidate 3 from UiTM (ranked 7 in Malaysia) and Inti International University and Colleges (not even in Top 10 in Malaysia). They obtained low CGPA of 2.72 and 2.97. No dean list, no Sijil Kecemerlangan but they managed to answer 8 out of 10 questions. The spoken English was super duper great. They have self-confidence. They really understand about their scope of works as Quantity Surveyor. The first impression was great and presentable. And they have good leadership qualities in their CV's leading a few event during university life. And I hired Candidate 1 and Candidate 3, rejected Candidate 2 & Cancidate 4.
As employer: I am not looking for 'scorer' with high CGPA in my company. I don't care how many Sijil Dekan or Sijil Kecemerlangan you have got in your file. I don't care which university you came from whether the best university in Malaysia or the worst university in Malaysia. I am not looking for book smart but I prefer street smart that could help my company to make money.
I am looking for someone with the ability to take charge, to volunteer for the tasks and to accepet accountability for achieving the required results of those task given. I am looking for someone who can work in a team not just sitting in front you a table and do your own work. I am looking for someone with the ability to set priorities, to seperate the relevant from the irrelevant tasks and then to concentrate single-mindedly until the job is complete. If I can have candidate with good CGPA, good attitude, presentable and got all the x-factor, then it is a bonus for my company to have them in.
Sir Dr Md Azree
Semoga perkongsian ini menjadi tauladan kepada adik-adik kita yang masih berjuang di Universiti. Ingatlah dunia pekerjaan itu sememangnya mencabar. Hanya yang betul-betul peka dan terbuka betul-betul berjaya. Selamat berjuang adik-adikku!!!

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